2009-06-08 00:21:05 by Chrisseh-chan

I want a job. I really want a job. Yet, the place I was almost sure to get a job at hasn't called me back yet. So, tomorrow I will go there and drop to my knees and beg for a job. I'm that frickin' desperate.

Also, I need to get 5 illustrations done tonight... ALSO some guy I know stopped by earlier with some wood pieces. He wants me to do some wood burning for him... in two days. LOL I'VE NEVER WOOD BURNED BEFORE. Also, my aunt is nagging for me to get her bankruptcy stuff done. Some kind of crap I need to fill out online and print out. I've got a whole file full of papers I need to sort through. She's paying me. HEY $50 AIN'T NOTHING TO SNEEZE AT.

No. Seriously, I'm really burned out and feeling really depressed. Nobody ask me to draw ANYTHING. I won't do it. I'm about ready to quit drawing altogether. It's that bad. :[

I just want a nice, brainless job where nobody is going to take advantage of my hobbies (making me hate the things I love doing) so I can go home after work and ENJOY what I love doing in my own time.


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2009-06-08 00:46:36

You can always go into porn.


2009-06-08 01:25:44

it is a very tough market right now

the town I live in is somewhat insulated from the recession

but it has massively destroyed the job market for young people

Good luck


2009-06-08 01:27:21

About you're job...all you need is to be persistent - yet polite. it's a tough and competitive world out there. But don't stoop yourself by stepping on others. Only cowards do that. And those you "will" experience some form of back-stabbing, just keep in mind of yourself and when your time will come. There is always a proper way to approach things - legally and ethically.

But NO! NO NO NO! - don't go dropping to your knees. Be formal - be intelligent.
Watch this fuckin' Cartoon First. iVSJ0

Employers don't appreciate desperation. Trust me.
And you being a woman (no offense by this statement) - but bad people with power tend to take advantage of desperation.

Unfortunately - most people don't have the luxury to find a job they truly want. But you need to do your research and find the perfect job for you.

And understand finances also.

I hope things go better for you soon.


2009-06-08 01:33:28

How to write a resume u_qRU

Good quotes for developing PR skills (personal relations) LBnM8

Don't give up - but don't give in - don't sell yourself short - yet don't over promise.

And most certainly don't stoop to levels of "desperation" from overbearing male employers. If you get my drift.


2009-06-08 01:36:30

Importantly enough - is the habit of daily dedication and lack of procrastination.

Learn to always get started. u9KyE


2009-06-09 14:49:55

oh boy oh boy.. I prayed for you.