So I finally cleaned my room...

2009-08-10 15:47:35 by Chrisseh-chan

I've been feeling a bit better... I still don't have a job (Note to self: Finish those damn job apps and turn them in later) but... I CLEANED MY ROOM! It's a little cluttered now but OMG IT'S CLEAN. Only because 90% of my clothes are in the basement... taking up room down there. I need to clean my dresser and my closet out next, but hell.

I got our old entertainment center in the room... the one my parents had in the living room when I was a kid. It's got glass doors, a section to store albums (I store tall books since I have all my record albums elsewhere. Plus, they're all Sesame Street and Disney records so I don't really listen to them much anymore, needless to say.) a space for a HUGE 19" TV! Oddly enough, it's also the same TV we had in the living room when I was a kid, in the very same entertainment center. It still works, so whatever. Got my DVD player set up, my Super Nintendo and all the games, plus my DVD's and VHS tapes stored underneath

I just need a VCR, since the one I bought back in 98 blew up in 2002. (I rented a cursedRainbow Brite video for old times sake and my VCR never worked again after that.) I have a lot of anime VHS tapes. I'm still pissed I spent $20-$30 a pop for these videos, and mind you I don't even RECALL seeing much anime on DVD at the time, if any (Also, didn't have a DVD player) and that they would become completely obsolete and thrown in a bargain bin for $5 a pop by the time I turned 18.

OH BOY. I'm ranting. Sorry, back on track now....

So I cleaned my room. Got rid of my desk, was taking up room. Was forced to part with about 5 pairs of shoes. It was disgusting... I hauled out 3 or 4 bags of garbage. I'm talking pop cans, food wrappers, etc etc. I'm talking 3 years worth of trash. My room was a disgusting place. I can't believe I got it all done in 2 1/2 days. I was absolutely amazed.

I treated myself last night. I had just $13 in my wallet. I bought a set of drawing pens, actually meant for doing comics/manga. For some reason, Shopko carries these but Walmart doesn't. That's because Walmart sucks. :D Are they cheaper? Yes, but Shopko has cooler stuff. I bought them because while cleaning the garage, my brother found a bag full of my old pens, pencils, and markers. I decided to grab some paper and attempt to draw on paper, like I used... for old times sake, and discovered that it makes me feel very calm. I also noted that the pens I've always used were just gel-ink pens that tend to bleed on the paper... yet I always used them because I either couldn't find anything else or I couldn't afford it. When I noticed this pen set... I knew it was a sign. I didn't buy them at the Shopko where I originally saw them on Saturday, and it bothered me because I had EXACTLY the right amount of money to buy them... so I went to my Shopko last night and bought them.

I gave em a whirl last night. I'm still getting used to it, trying to build my technique... but so far I'm loving the different pen widths and maybe, JUST MAYBE... I'll have some new material to show off soon!


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2009-08-10 17:38:41

I am in the same boat, I cannot find a job either

but I am not in the same boat in the way you are, pretty girls are always hired before males of the same age even if the males were more competent at that job

my family still has this television from the eighties, my parents took out a loan and bought an all new 24" TV from Curtis Mathis a brand that died immediately after they bought it

good luck with finding a VCR, I think your best bet would be to find a VCR/DVD combo player, those are still easy to find

yeah my grandmother still has a Super Nintendo that we used to play when we were kids, the memory unit never worked so we had to start from scratch every time we came over, I got to the point where I could be Zelda Link to The Past in just a few hours

I still have my VHS copy of where I recorded Gundam Wing Endless Waltz of off Toonami (O the good old days)

funny how you could have spent your last dollars on something useless or trivial like a soda or candy but you chose to buy art materials

I think that says something special