Movin' on up!

2009-09-30 18:39:11 by Chrisseh-chan

So yeah, GeoCities is shutting down (Thanks to the greedy jerks at Yahoo! Inc. half the Internets will be deleted!) SO I have already found a new home for all things Chrisseh related!


Not much to it yet, just a blog with a few articles and links to all my profiles... I have a few posts up, only one of them are worth mentioning, and that is the one I put up yesterday. I have another one called "Save GeoCiteis!", but everyone has given up on that cause before it even started... which is why it is a failure, sadly enough. Yes, sit back and let greed win again, America. 8D Don't I feel stupid for trying to fight for something I believe in.

SO. Enough of my ranting. Check out my new site, leave comments, vote on the poll, let me know what you think! =D

I'm thinking of starting a new story, or maybe TFHHA 2. Unsure yet. We'll see how I'm feeling later.

Former TFHHA members are encouraged to post their own favorite drawings on dA as "Best of TFHHA- (title)" I have been uploading my favorites up... Check it out!

Other news...? Not much. Putting in more job applications. Wish me luck, I'm turning one in tomorrow. Already put two in last week, haven't heard anything yet... D: I need money so I can make my Halloween costume! (Though I'm probably not going as Sailor Jupiter, because I hate showing my legs above the knee *sob*)'s a random unfinished sketch! Have a nice day!

Movin' on up!


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2009-10-01 14:10:24

Nice site you got there. I noticed about the geocities in there. I'm sad to see only 29 (including me) signed it :/.

Good luck on those job apps.

Chrisseh-chan responds:

Well, thank you for signing it anyway. :) Every signature matters to me.

You'd think more people would be passionate about this cause... It's like nobody wants to bother speaking up to big corporations.

I'm praying that someone calls me back about a job! I filled out one yesterday, wanted to turn it in today but couldn't make it into town. Tomorrow for sure I hope!


2009-10-01 17:24:21

hello and salutations

Chrisseh-chan responds:

Hallo. Long time, no see. ^^


2009-10-03 22:47:28

Im totally posting some of my old TFHHA stuff on DA! We need to start psyching ourselves up for TFHHA 2!!

Chrisseh-chan responds:

YES WE DO! =D TFHHA 2 will be BIGGER (Pun intended?), BETTER... AND MORE AWESOME, plus NOW WITH 30% less sodium!