2009-11-17 14:12:16 by Chrisseh-chan

I'm experimenting with some new software... well, not really "new", but new to me as in I've never used it. It's called SAI, and I am VERY impressed with the inking features. The coloring has potential, but it's a bit cumbersome and I think I might try using it along with Photoshop for coloring/backgrounds, as inking takes half the time in SAI and is much easier and I can color much faster in Photoshop.

Been busy lately, hanging out with friends...including some new ones -blush- Butterflies in my tummy, lolol KILL THEM! Dx

(My first work in SAI is included, from an old sketch I found in a notebook)



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2009-11-17 15:39:40

that sounds pretty cool

newer, better, software is allowing people to enhance there artistic creativity

do you collaborate with other artists?

I find that is the best way to improve personal ability

if you are interested I can hook you up with a bunch of artist on newgrounds

PM your response

Chrisseh-chan responds:

I haven't done a collab in a while @-@ I used to do like, collab comics, and even commissions. I have a serious procrastination issue though, which I think once I get back into school (college lol) that might improve because I'm very serious about academics and I tend to stay on track a bit better, even if it means getting stuff done at the last minute, it's done in time.


2009-11-17 16:05:04

You need to do two things.

Post your art in the Art Portal, get scouted, and draw more Rasberry Hat.

Chrisseh-chan responds:

Raspberry Hat? I can do that. (She's probably the easiest character to draw lol)