Raspberry Hat returns!

2009-11-19 00:49:48 by Chrisseh-chan

Wow, I'm really tired... I started working on another Raspberry Hat picture I had doodled in one of my sketchpads not long ago. I had to finish half the sketch in Photoshop (Ran out of room on the paper lol) and then I inked it in SAI...and then I colored it in Photoshop. I think it worked out pretty well.

Not much new going on, I feel both... frustrated/blocked and inspired. All I've been doing lately is finishing old pictures from years/months ago. I guess that's a good start, finishing the unfinished... something I rarely do. xD

Raspberry Hat returns!


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2009-11-19 05:01:15

It's not Strawberry Shortcake - General Mills can't sue! XD

I strongly urge the production of manga involving this adorable character.

Chrisseh-chan responds:

=D Yes, she'd look great on a t-shirt! <3

There are other fruit hats, too! I actually started a big thing on Yahoo! chat for a while lmao. Tons of fruit hats. It was insanely stupid. 8D


2009-11-19 20:17:01

Then in that case - Create the whole list of characters.

The fruit could signify a type of personality.

Lemon - A tarty girl with a sassy personality.
Melon Head - The smart one.
Banana Burt - The goofy one.
Sour Apple Joe - The romantic interest of Lemon.
Lychee - A tropical foreigner who loves to cook.
Apple Frappel - The self-proclaimed leader

Whatever the case may be...if your own set of characters are better...I would highly encourage you get started on them and add them to the Art Portal.


2010-07-08 14:05:29