2011-09-29 19:07:55 by Chrisseh-chan

Well, it's been a while... yet again. XD Finally got a job, bought a car, blah blah blah.

Also bought $80 worth of art supplies, too bad I hardly have time to use them.

Anyway, just here to prove that I'm still alive and well. Enjoying the pretty fall colors here in the northwoods... of course, with the way the wind is blowing today, I wouldn't be surprised if I wake up tomorrow morning and the branches are bare. D:


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2011-09-29 19:39:59

That's nice that you bought art supplies, but why don't you have enough time to use them? Is it something private?

Anyways could you check out my art on my profile, giving me some constructive criticism?

Just don't mind the post I posted......... Sometimes you gotta speak your mind and draw it out.......

Have a nice day :)

Chrisseh-chan responds:

Well, I have a full time job now, and during the week I live with a friend so we can ride into work together. My living space is pretty much a bed on the floor with a set of drawers on the side I also use as a nightstand, so I really don't have anywhere to sit and draw comfortably. ;(


2011-09-29 22:12:14

Cool story bro


2011-09-30 21:12:19

check and see outside later if there is red pair of shoes somewhere by your house.

Chrisseh-chan responds:

I hope they're still on some witch's feet so I can watch her legs do that crazy curl up thing when I take them off.