2011-10-14 20:19:54 by Chrisseh-chan

My tablet stopped working... my beloved, faithful ol' Graphire4 I got back in the original TFHHA.. Trying to save up some extra cash to buy a new one... now my laptop is acting up, might need to replace that soon, too. :<

No rush though I guess... not like I have a ton of time or the ambition to draw much these days anyhow. Overloaded at work... Some of the salespeople are freaking out because I've fallen so behind.

My company still hasn't given me the raise I was promised. Boss was in town this week. As usual, he avoided me at all costs, at the risk of me asking for a raise again. XD

On top of that, my driving test is on Monday at 2:10PM. Needless to say, I don't have much faith in myself.

Oh well. ^_^ Try to stay positive... drink lots of caffeine and smile like an idiot, that's my philosophy.


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2011-10-14 20:23:04

Oh noes. Thats a great attitude you have.


2011-10-14 20:51:54

Been a lot of that going around lately (solar radiation cooking our gear?)... One thing to avoid - vacuuming on the same line as sensitive electronics. My awesome speakers died that way a few days ago.
Driver's license test? Best wishes!