Entry #44

New Tablet is here, also HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

2011-10-30 17:43:41 by Chrisseh-chan

So I bought another tablet, it was on sale uber cheap. Not as good as my old tablet, but not bad... does it's job. My only gripe is it lacks the eraser end on the pen. XD It's still a Wacom though so it works well anyway.

I don't really want to invest in a FANTASTIC tablet until I invest in a better computer anyway. Seems like it'd be a waste to buy something that wouldn't be able to perform 100% on my dinosaur.

So, what's everybody doing for Halloween this year~? I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show last night with some friends. They had props and stuff to throw around during certain parts of the movie, it was fun! Also, I'm a Sexy Raccoon this year. Anybody else dressing up? :D


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