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2009-05-13 23:42:15 by Chrisseh-chan

Yeah, tomorrow is my last day. I didn't even know until this week. Harsh. So yeah, I still have to finish up a couple books, but other than that yeah. I need to start looking for a new job...

Gonna start putting in applications probably next week. Wish me luck. I needz monies!

But hey, in the time in between, I'll have time to maybe start drawing my own stuff again! :D For the time being (until I get hired elsewhere) I'll probably go back to doing odd jobs here and there for cash. You know, babysitting, cleaning, helping people move stuff, painting, computer work, etc. What I used to do when I was a jobless bum. :/

I'm still alive, somehow.

2009-04-20 14:53:24 by Chrisseh-chan

I'M SO ANGRY AT THE WORLD! Don't ask why. I've been really emo lately.

On a lighter note, my first illustrated book is coming out soon! Possibly this week! It's already up on Amazon for pre-order. I doubt any of you would be interested in it- it's a children's book about aquatic insects. It's really a cool book though, just from Illustrating it I learned a lot about aquatic insects! If you're into that sorta thing I suppose. I'm a nerd, shut up.

Yeah, if you know my full name, look it up on Amazon and it should pop up if you wanna check the cover out. :D It's simple and kid friendly.

Current project: Coloring book.
Status: 7 pages, but there were some changes in the script so I may have to go back and redo some of them. :[


2009-02-17 19:11:59 by Chrisseh-chan

Wow. My birthday was so epic... like, epically epic and full of epicness... Actually, I didn't party hard. I only went out with a friend, we had a ton of fun, then I came home and hung out with my family for a little while. My presents didn't suck this year, either! Got a digital camera, SD card, Rechargeable batteries with a USB charger, a new iPod docking alarm clock, new jeans, new shirt, a copy of Watchmen, and some awesome pajama pants! So YEAH.

Also, saw Friday the 13th. Much better than I thought it would be. :D

Nothing else much going on, except for some personal business, which explains why I am so busy and such. SOMEDAY YOU KIDS WILL UNDERSTAND! TT~TT

The countdown!

2009-01-20 22:59:14 by Chrisseh-chan

It's coming...the biggest event of the year since the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony... Friday, February 13th... be there.... CHRISSEH'S BIRTHDAY!!! A star studded event so big, it was booked before anybody even knew about it. Celebrities will be there, life performances by some of the greatest artists, and... THE WORLD'S BIGGEST CHEESECAKE!

So start the count down. February 13th will be unlike any Friday the 13th you've ever seen!

... seriously. It's not that big of a deal. I just want lots of presents... I'm sure my birthday will be terrible seeing as it has landed on Friday the 13th this year. Buut whatever.

Not much going on in this part of the woods. If all goes well, that book should be sent out next week and published very soon. So that's one thing off my list, except that I'll probably be thrown right into illustrating THE OTHER BOOK right after it. Uuugh. No time to draw for myself. :[ I watched the Inauguration earlier after work (Actually I had to rewind it because I missed it at work since the old guy I take care of "Didn't wanna watch that junk" -eye roll- but our TV at home has a DVR and it was on so we could rewind it 2 hours.) and then passed out until 8:30.

I have to get to bed soon here now because I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I need to get up early so I can stop at the bank and get money. I opened a checking account on Friday but it's pretty much USELESS because they gave me those starter temp checks and nobody takes those anywhere and I have to wait a friggin week for my real checks to come in and GOD KNOWS HOW LONG for my debit card. >=(

Happy (WTF IS) Boxing Day!

2008-12-26 16:05:29 by Chrisseh-chan

Yeah, I was always wondering what boxing day was, I see it on my calender... it always says "Boxing Day (Canada)" and I was like "Why don't we get a Boxing day?"

Well never mind, I looked it up. I know what it is now, but I still don't get it. Whatever. I got a pretty nice load of Christmas gifts yesterday so I don't need a stupid boxing day.

I got... A new webcam (With special effects/face tracking/background replacement. It's bad ass.), an awesome new bike, a purse, matching wallet, Down filled LL Bean winter coat, two pairs of stylish super cute boots, a sweater, a DS game, a manicure kit, a new headband, gloves, and a crap load of chocolate in my stocking. :D Decent!

Anyway, I'm still in creative block mode, which sucks... I dunno what to do. :(

I don't wanna go to work tonight. Baaaw. D: Work is stupid. I wish my parents were billionaires. I'd be some snobby popular chick and it'd be awesome, I'd just party all the time.


2008-11-04 17:13:47 by Chrisseh-chan

Short update. I got my paycheck yesterday... went to the bank, cashed it, took an extra $130 out of savings, went to the store, and bought myself a laptop. >.>; I still have a little money left over, too. :3 Weee... it's not top top of the line, but it's modern and has a good performance rating... It's not like I do intense gaming or anything, so whatever. It seems to run really fast to me, in comparison to my other ancient computers. The screen is wide and crystal clear... I think I'm gonna like it. :3 At least... I hope so.

Gotta get ready to roll, I'm at the library waiting for my ride. They haz WiFi here. 8D Did all my updates and downloaded all my favorite programs and stuff so I'm set. =D

More Raspberry Hat!

2008-10-16 01:02:39 by Chrisseh-chan

I got bored, so I decided to make a quick mock cover/poster for Raspberry Hat! =D It's the first time I think I've actually done a picture of her in full color. So... how about it? Is Raspberry Hat a go? If this doesn't convince you, let me inform you that not only is she cute- She also has laz0r eyes. =O Why? Because laz0r eyes are awesome, duh! What other random powers do you think she should have? Should Trixie Wabbit be in the story as well?

Here's the full sized image.

More Raspberry Hat!

Trixie Wabbit!!!

2008-10-14 18:14:40 by Chrisseh-chan

So this past weekend, I was going to relax at home, get some work done... but no. My cousins from Illinois came up for Columbus day weekend or whatever (They get off for school/work down there, for some reason...) and my brother just HAS to see Gordy, because him and Gordy were like, best buddies growing up. So he was going to drive out there, but then my parents are all like "Chrissy, go with him, so he's not alone" and I'm like "Nuuuu!"

SO! I had NO Internet access...and NO cellphone service this weekend! It wouldn't have been so bad if I could've at least texted people So we stopped at the bank... I had $40 in my wallet already, and I took out another $100. Somehow, over the course of 2 days... I ended up with only $10 left. D:

I brought my laptop and tablet along, figuring maybe I'd have time to work on the illustrations, but noo... I had to play with my little cousins. We kept going places, too. To the store, to the "falls" (1 mile hike through the woods, it was beautiful! Except I was wearing my boots with the heels because I didn't think to bring any hiking shoes or sneakers with me over the weekend) and I nearly "fell" flat on my face several times over rocks, tree roots, etc. Then we went bowling... what a waste of time/money. THEN my uncle bought my cousin a rabbit from some dude who raises them and sells pumpkins... $5. I jokingly said "Awh I want one" and my brother is like "OH WE SHOULD GET ONE!" and I'm like "Mom and dad will kill us both..." "Let's just go and look!" WHY DO I LISTEN TO MY LITTLE BROTHER!? He's full of crazy ideas.

So... we looked. I asked the guy a million questions... and we ended up bringing home ... TRIXIE WABBIT! That's what I named her... really, it's just Trixie, but I add wabbit at the end because it sounds cute. Also, try saying that 3 times fast, you'll end up saying "Twixie Wabbit" instead of "Trixie Wabbit" XD

Anywho, Trixie is awesome. I swear she's already grown... we've had her for two days and she already looks bigger. She's really sweet... but she eats and poops a lot. I should totally draw a picture of her... but it's impossible to capture her epic cuteness on paper or pixels I think! =O

Other than that... LIFE IS SUPAA CYOOT!!! ^0^ Coming soon- More Adventures of Raspberry Hat! Maybe even like... later tonight. Who knows.

-EDIT- I'm just curious... are people still assuming I'm a guy when my profile clearly says "Female" under my picture? o_O Because I am a girl... just so you know... in case my CLEARLY female character of the same name wasn't obvious enough. I just deleted a nasty, profane comment (Might just be a random troll) and I think maybe the person mistakes me for a male?

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff!

2008-09-29 14:29:34 by Chrisseh-chan

So... as you guys may or may not know, I am illustrating a book for my boss. That's right, I'm an illustrator, or at least I will be once it's published. I'm basically just drawing insects, so they don't take me that long... I have references, so it's not really like my usual art. =/ I just simplify them, since it's for children.

BUT! Having your name on the cover of a book is an awesome deal. ;D

Gawsh, my hands are cold. It's really hard for me to type! I have to keep going back to correct typos. I should go stick them in a pot of boiling water, maybe that'll warm them up! Nope, probably not. I'll probably freeze the water, because my hands tend to transfer their coldness. I'm serious, if I sit on my hands for like, a minute, and pull them out, my butt gets cold, and it stays cold... to the touch... for several minutes. I must be cold blooded, I need to go sprawl out on a rock somewhere in the sun... OH WAIT! It's cloudy/rainy/crappy today, no sun. 8D Love Wisconsin weather... (Not really.)

So... I've been drawing a lot, and it's motivating. Once I'm finished with this book, maybe I can get started on one of the comic books I've been meaning to write for the past 10 years. xD Seriously, 10 years... I've been meaning to do a comic book. I'll do one page, get frustrated, and give up. I guess maybe if I wrote a solid script first, it'd be a lot easier to work from...

Coming soon! The adventures of Raspberry Hat!

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff!


2008-09-15 20:06:46 by Chrisseh-chan

I hate this time of year! Everybody leaves me to go off to school! Dx I've been reduced to trolling people in chat rooms for mild entertainment. Well, usually I troll other trolls, so it's okay. Whatever. I hate it, it's boring and pointless. I'd rather talk to people I actually like.

So, in conclusion, everybody needs to drop out of school/college so they can talk to me! :3 I've got all the knowledge you'd ever need, even more. DID YOU KNOW- Hard boiled eggs smell like farts because they come out of a chicken's rear!?

Right. So anyway, I got paid today. Good Ol' Uncle Sam took a big chunk out 8D Like, I had $580 before taxes, but when they were done dipping their hands in, I only had $462. I better get a fat tax refund check... But yeah, I put half in savings...paid my mom $100, so what's left in my wallet has to last me until my next paycheck.

Making dinner right now... beforehand, I made more delicious soft pretzels from scratch. They're excellent warm served with hot cheese dip! I should've made a double batch, but I really didn't have time, what with Grandma coming over for dinner and boiling the stupid lasagna noodles. I swear, I wish the stupid store in town carried those no boil noodles. They're so much easier, and just as good IMO.

As for art/comics... still working on designs for the new and improved Super Chrisseh. Jerk-faces who don't know the story and the whole "THIS IS A PARODY OF SAILOR MOON" thing keep telling me "She looks like Sailor Moon lolol" Yeah, no duh. But do you see a sailor collar? No. The ribbon is a different style, too. But they are right, it's time for something fresh. How many past posts have I made like this? =/ Oh well, I'm eating the lasagna I just made. It's delicious.

SO! For those of you who are following the story, what do you guys think of Millie as a heroine (As opposed to a Super Villain)? She's still a spoiled brat. =P El oh El.

... does any of this have a point? As usual, no. BUT whatever. Okay, I love ya buh bye. <3