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2008-08-20 21:05:40 by Chrisseh-chan

So I FINALLY got paid... I went more than 4 weeks without being paid, I was really starting to freak. Anywho... I went to Wal-Fart yesterday and bought a new cellphone. Yeah, I just bought one last month, but I ran out of minutes... and like, they have a double minutes for the life of your phone thing, you buy it and it's like $50... and I would've bought more minutes, too. BUT! They had this really cool camera phone for $50 that came with double minutes for life... so yeah. I just bought the cool phone and some more minutes, and transferred my number to it. So yeah.

Only thing that sucks is these prepaid Tracfones with data services are so friggin restricted it's not even funny. You have to buy ringtones from them and you can't visit any other websites than theirs. Dx Oh well, they've got decent ringtones, though I really wanted to find a way to hack in and put Caramelldansen on there... if it had a sound recorder, I'd just do that. I did find a way to get cool backgrounds. Take the camera phone, grab the picture you want, get the right lighting, hold still... snap. I've got Sailor Moon on there for now.

I went ahead and bought "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed. That's my ringtone... only one person has called me since I got it, and that was my mom asking me some question today while I was at work, so I've only heard it in action once (Other than when I was playing with it on the phone, but it's not the same as hearing it when it rights, you know?)

So yeah, I've been drawing more crap lately. I was going to draw something, but now the fat man and the loser (Dad and my brother) are home, so they're going to turn my music off and I'll have to listen to friggin' Hogan's Heroes on the TV. Yup, my brother just told me "I'm going to turn your music off in a minute so I can watch TV because I'm tired."

Dx I can't concentrate with them hanging around me. I would hook my mac up in my room, but I don't have a phone line in there so yeah, no Internet... plus my desk is a bloody mess, and it's small, so nowhere to even set my tablet el oh el. Oh! And my brother "borrowed" my office chair and I have no idea where it went!

I actually can't even walk in my room. I have to hop over laundry and shoes that are strewn across the floor, and between boxes full of crap I have no room for at the moment. You'd be delightfully surprised (and disgusted) if you knew what a slob I am when it comes to my bedroom. I hate it.

... and my brother was just raiding the fridge and found some month old spaghetti noodles. "WHEW! THESE STINK! SMELL THEM!" -sticks them in my face- I'm like "GTFO" Dx

He serves no productive purpose on this planet. He needs to go. When are we planning on sending a man to Mars? Got room for one more?

All done nao!

2008-07-30 22:56:28 by Chrisseh-chan

Well, I successfully completed my summer college class today. =3 Passed and all that jazz... Gots a diploma... well, a copy of the diploma, the real thing comes in the mail in however many weeks it takes.

I'm thankful that I'm done riding in the car with that crazy psycho chick(I'm being nice calling her that0... who has been overcharging me for gas. I did the math today. She was charging me $25... I should've only been paying her $10. :| Paying her was a favor (Though she did sorta insist that I pay her, I had every intention of paying her before we started carpooling but she made it clear at the beginning that I WOULD be paying her), because she wasn't really going out of the way to bring me to class... I live right by her. We were going to the same place... so yeah. I hope she enjoys the Victoria's Secret lingerie she bought with the money she saved by making me pay for her gas....(She was bragging about buying it) ANYWHO! That's why I've been so short on cash lately.

Enough with that! Now... I guess until my normal fall/winter work hours start, I'll have a little more time to draw and stuff. Though I do have another side job editing photos for a book that's going to be published... they shouldn't take me too long though. =3 Plus I get my name in the credits. Yay. <3

Well, summer is almost over... for me, at least. My class is over next Wednesday, and August 11th or whatever is when the semester begins for the private school... which means my boss (Who is a teacher) will be going back to work, and my hours are going to change back to normal. I'll be making more money... and I won't be spending as much on gas and crap for class, but still... I GET NO FREE TIME ANYMORE! Dx

On the other hand, I've found that I can actually find time to draw if I learn not to spend so much time on it. Really, my coloring techniques and such are just too time consuming for the kind of stuff I'm doing. =/ all I need is line art and basic shading, that's it. It's not like I'm selling this stuff or anything. The line art itself (Depending on my mood/environment) doesn't take more than 30 minutes- 1 hour. The basic shading takes just a couple minutes, so by doing this I cut back a lot on time consumption. This is opposed to my other coloring techniques, which slapped on an additional 2-4+ hours. O_o Plus, I used to start my images at a really high resolution to get extra detail in, before shrinking them down to their final presentation size. So yeah... it's crazy. Not that complicated or anything, just time consuming! I'm not a very patient person, so it was frustrating for me.

Do you know what I mean? Probably not. I get it... I'm weird. Whatever.

Just one question for you guys today- What kind of images/characters (of mine) would you guys like to see on a t-shirt?

School! =D

2008-06-09 23:40:50 by Chrisseh-chan

For those of you who don't know about what's been goin' on with me lately, I recently acquired a new job... and I was trying to get into this CNA (Certified Nurse's Assistant) course, but they were full and I was like, #17 on a waiting list. I figured there was no way I was going to get into that class.

Anyway, last week I get a message on my answering machine from the college. I didn't have time to call back. My aunt at some point, when I was probably half asleep, told me I had something in the mail. Couldn't possibly BRING me the mail. So on Saturday I go to check the mail and I have two letters, one informing me that I made it through the waiting list and am now enrolled in the class, and another telling me I'm dropped because I didn't pay in the 2-day time frame they gave me to pay. I was like "WTF?"

So my boss told me "Call them back up again on Monday and see if there's still a chance you can get in." So... I called them, dreading that they'd be like "Sorry, can't do that" but they were more than happy to inform me that the opening was still there and that I could enroll, even come in and start for the second half of class. Of course, I had to work and I had no way to get all the way to the campus (Which is like, a 45 minute drive from here) so I just paid for the class over the phone and now... I start on Wednesday! =D Gotta get up early... sheesh. I haven't been to school in so long. @_@

As for my artwork, I'm working on that "new" Super Chrisseh transformation thing. I have no idea how long it'll take to finish, it's all Frame-by-frame but yeah, the rough sketches are all done, though I might make some changes. Now all I need is catchy background music...

So yeah, I can't believe it. I sat down earlier... and started drawing. Just, no thinking... just drawing. I guess I'm in that relaxed, "cut off from the rest of the world" state of mind right now. I just started sketching, and drawing... and it all came out. I didn't get frustrated, I just... well, did it. I did it. I drew two pictures, no color... but still. Two line arts... I'll probably hate them later, but for now I'm quite happy.

These pictures are really just character concepts for a new story I'd like to do. You know, sometimes you just need something refreshing to pull yourself out of a stupor? Of course, my next priority will be a picture for TFHHA.

As for the new story? Well, you know sometimes you're just sitting around and suddenly an idea strikes you, and as you go about your day, staring off idly into space every now and then, the idea grows... and grows until you're like "I NEED TO PUT THIS DOWN ON PAPER!" So, okay, that's what happened to me.

So far, the only title I could come up with for the story is "The Chrisseh-chan AR Project". AR stands for "Alternate Reality" in this case. If you follow The Freakin' Huge House Adventure, then you'll know all about Chrisseh/Super Chrisseh and her "evil" twin sister, Millie. These are the two main characters, but things are waaay different.

First of all, both sisters grew up together, and they are in high school. Chrisseh goes by "Christina" (Her full name) in the 'real world', and Millie goes by "Nicole' (Her full name is really Millicent Nicole). Anywho, the two sisters were recently kicked out of private school for fighting, and now go to a public school. Nicole's ("Millie") appearance/personality in this story is quite different from any of her other story incarnations. You'll see what I mean once I get the concepts and character profiles finished.

I'm not going into details, but they're both going to have their own secret transformations that will totally turn their lives upside down! Both girls get total make-overs in both forms, I'm even working on an updated version of her old costume. =D

There is a lot more to the story, but I don't want to spoil the plot/give it all away (I'm paranoid, what can I say?) Needless to say, the sisters are going to end up fighting either way. ;D I'd really like to see this story come to fruition, whether in comic form or cartoon form.


2008-04-03 20:13:22 by Chrisseh-chan

So... anybody ever heard of kiss dolls? No, not the band... they're digital paper dolls for your computer! If you go to my website, there's more info and even a doll I made years ago to download! Anywho, I was going through some old folders... I found a bunch I never finished... I'm thinking of starting a new one. Millie! xD It's kinda an inside joke. For those of you who are interested in dressing up Millie... I've even got a list of cosplay costumes I'd like to add. Of course, my usual FKISS effects will be added (Blinking, click responses, hair change, etc...) so it should be interested. I'll keep you updated on further development of the project. =3

So yeah, done boring you with that. I need to get something done, I haven't drawn anything in a while >_< I should totally work on something. Creative block sucks, as I've said a gazillion times.

Well, I'm at the store on my laptop. In about 10 minutes, TACO TUESDAY NIGHT BEGINS! I shall enjoy one of these tacos... however, I am torn between hard shell and soft shell. I think I'll do soft shell, because I can only afford one and soft shells seem to be a bit more filling.

Anywho, I'm thinking of doing a little animation. Last year, I started doing a Super Chrisseh transformation scene, you know... all sparkly and Sailor Moon like. It was turning out pretty cool, but I never quite finished it. I had like, 3 frames left to ink and some effects to add. =/ However, I'm thinking of starting over, making a bit more elaborate, but not too much so.

Now, there's another thing I need to address in the the matter of Super Chrisseh's transformation. Background music! I've got the background transformation music from Sailor Moon, and that could work, but I'd like something a little different. Upbeat, cute... whatever. You know, magical girl transformation music. In cases where I'll be using the clip for larger animations, I'll probably use some hardcore rock music, which will be what's playing during the epic battle scene. What do you guys think I should do as far as simple background music for the transformation alone? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them. =3

(note: Picture is a shot from the original Super Chrisseh transformation attempt )

Delicious Tacos!  Magical girls, too!

It's been a whiiiile.

2008-02-29 12:43:04 by Chrisseh-chan

Whoop. Here I am... still hangin' on. I have terrible news... D:

See, back when I was 15, I got into chat room Role Playing (RP) and I was addicted for years... usually, I do serious RP via Instant Messages only... but yeah... I kinda kicked the habit back when I was like, 19. Now I'm back on it again. It's serious... all I want to do is RP RP RP. Guess it could be worse... I could be addicted to WoW.

See, chat RP is a bit more... creative. It's more like... a collaborative story telling. Yeah... that's it. Except when you get sucky RP partners. Then it's like "Eww... why did I go with this person again?" But meh... I need to kick the habit again. It's like a drug. I NEED TO FOCUS ON MY ARTWORK! GAH I hate winter and creative blocks!

I hope I get a fat tax return this year so I can buy a new computer. =(

Oh! And sometime in March I'll be gone for a week or two, I have a job house sitting/pet sitting for a teacher on a private school campus. They do, however, have high speed internet, so I should be able to connect on my laptop. So I guess I really won't be gone... anyway.... =D MORE MONEYS, YAY!

... Which will be going towards a long needed doctors appointment. -sob-

Out with the old? I think not!

2008-01-02 12:06:51 by Chrisseh-chan

Ever, just out of pure boredom, gone through some of your old artwork and found some gems that you've never even shown anybody? I mean, you're flipping through some old notebooks and you're like "Hmm... crap, crap... crap... HOLY CRAP! Did I draw that? Oh yeah! That looks... pretty good." o.O

Yeah, I do that a lot. I've got this huuuuge folder file thingy, looks kinda like a suitcase. I have a tendency to save every little doodle that ever came out looking... special. I dunno. I also save every notebook I ever doodled in during high school. Which is every notebook I ever had in high school. o__o More doodles than notes, haha.

I have sketchbooks (I've saved those, too) but for some reason, my medium of choice became good ol' school notebooks. It's weird, I don't know why I enjoy drawing in them so much. I found one I bought about a year after high school, has a shiny holographic cover. It was an emotional year for me, 2005 was... and for some reason, the worst emotional turmoil I ever endured just so happened to allow me to spew out some wonderful gems. Are they the best thing ever? No, they're just sketches/doodles, but they make my eyes happy, especially since I haven't been able to draw anything decent on paper since I got into using my tablet so much. XD (I had my old tablet back then, but I really didn't use it quite as much)

I've actually been thinking of re-doing a lot of these drawings on the computer. Refining them, correcting proportional problems, etc... Could be just the thing I need to get me out of this creative block I've been suffering from. I haven't been able to draw any nice, dynamic poses lately, they all come out strange and somewhat mechanical. Maybe working on some things I did "When I was in the right mood" might get me back in the flow of things. What do you think?

This one is back from my Chobits inspired days, which explains the strange ears.

Out with the old?  I think not!

Shampaggen for teh New Years! =o

2007-12-27 16:29:22 by Chrisseh-chan

Yes, I realize it's "Champagne" but I think "shampaggen"... the misspelling and mispronunciation... is just hilarious. XD Oh, such shenanigans!

New Years Eve is crawling ever closer. Holy cow, I can't believe it's already almost 2008. o.O I was just getting used to signing my works as 2007, too. Now I'm going to be erasing the 7's and changing them to 8's. FAIL.

So... how about New Years Resolutions? Hmm...

1.) Drink more champagne
2.) Get a job so I can afford to buy champagne... and other things.
3.) Quit smoking
4.) Create a full length flash feature that contains massive amounts of WIN and PWN
5.) Clean my room
6.) Become a diligent flosser, which I used to be... but I ran out of dental floss and didn't feel like buying more.
7.) Find some money for college
8.) Get my drivers license (Resolution I've had for the past... 6 years now. o_O )
9.) Draw more people... because I mostly just draw my characters. =/ I'm always afraid I'll get somebody else's character wrong and they'll get offended. Silly, neh?

And number 10...

I'm not sure what number 10 is. Somebody help me out here. =o What do you think I should resolve to do to enrich myself and/or my knowledge!?

Does that make sense? Nope... I didn't think so. Now I need to find about $15 so I can buy some sparkling wine or shampaggen. The cheap stuff goes on sale for like, 3 bottles for $15 this time of year and I don't want to be without it come New Years Eve! =O