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Seriously! What's so great about winter!? Oh sure, I guess if you're a kid or somebody with a wealthy family, you've got Christmas to look forward to... bah. My dog died last year, just a few days after Christmas, which was his favorite holiday (Yes, it was... don't argue with me, you didn't know my dog, STFU.) so it's rather depressing...

Not to mention the lack of money to buy gifts... or to receive them for that matter. Of course, gifts and Santa and all his stupid little reindeer aren't what Christmas is even ABOUT. So it's not really Christmas's fault... it's... everybody else I guess. O_o

Anyway, winter sucks in general. It's cold. Yuck. Snow (where I am at least)... yuck. Along with snow comes... SNOWMOBILERS! They stink up the fresh northwood's air with the stench of gasoline, spark plugs, and liquor. All they do is ride around, from bar to bar... drinking NON-STOP. When they do stop to eat somewhere, they are obnoxious... they all come waltzing in, throw their helmets and jackets down on like, 10 tables... and then sit at one. I remember when I was working last winter, I came in around... oh... I think my shift started at 11 AM... there were about 10 of them, loud, obnoxious, taking up EVERY SINGLE TABLE IN THE PLACE, some of them sitting there with their own six pack of beer, already half finished... another on the piano, banging on the keys while an annoying drunk woman screams "PLAY LIKE YANNI!"

... this is before noon, folks. I don't know if they were still drunk from the night before or if they woke up and just resumed drinking... or if they had ever stopped at all. Point is, it's annoying. They suck. Good for the economy up here, or so they say... they only spend money in the bars, and at the gas stations. They don't tip at restaurants, I mean... a few nice families with annoying/picky children who order stuff that isn't even on the menu and split dishes might... but usually, no.

ICE! Causes your car to slide around, because they don't put salt down... you end up in a ditch. Everybody dies... well, at least your car does. Oh well.

They suck. Snow sucks. Ice sucks. Winter sucks. End of discussion.

Blinded by snow!

2007-12-06 12:56:49 by Chrisseh-chan

It is very cold here. Very, very cold. It was well below zero (Fahrenheit) this morning, with wind chills that made it feel even colder.

Anyway, just this past weekend, we got a crapload of snow dumped on us. I mean, not really the most snow I've ever seen, but about a foot I think. It's cloudy and grey outside right now, yet the sun seems to illuminate the sky JUST ENOUGH to bounce off the fresh, white snow, and straight into your eyes.

And it hurts. It hurts really freaking bad. I just let the dog out about 2 minutes ago, and it still hurts. There's a window practically right next to me right now, for some reason, the blinds are pulled all the way up and only the sheer curtains are on. This window faces our backyard, and we have a bit of a clearing (as in it's not completely covered by trees) so yeah... the light from the snow is coming right through the window now, too. It hurts... out of the corner of my eye, it's hitting me, and it just hurts. I'm actually getting a headache from it.

While it would be understandable (if not highly recommended) to wear sunglasses when venturing outdoors in conditions such as this, it would seem ridiculous to wear them in the house... I should just pull the stupid blinds down, but I'm just too lazy. x_x

So yeah...

2007-11-12 05:00:35 by Chrisseh-chan

It's almost 4AM. I suppose I should go to bed, but I really don't want to... but I have to. Because it's almost 4AM. =( So like, I've got 9 minutes to say something and then Imma go to bed, kthnx.

8 minutes to say something. Okay, here we go... I don't know what to say, so I'll go off on a random tangent. I hate yaoi with a passion... yet whenever I draw a male character, he either ends up being SUPER BUFF STRONG MAN or Sissy little pretty boy... Well, I CAN draw scrawny little nerds, but that's just a pretty boy with a goofy expression on his face and glasses. I can also draw like, big scary beast vampire thingies... I used to draw Alucard from Hellsing all the time, and it kinda evolved into... BEAST!

However, drawing scary beast men isn't that great for general purpose story telling unless I'm going horror all the way. I was explaining to my friend how funny it would be if I were to write a shoujo style manga and have the cute "crush" of the main character be... BEAST.

So like, imagine this happy little Japanese anime style high school girl...and she's going through one of those cute little soliloquies "Oh wow, it's that upperclassman I have a crush on! He's so cute! I wonder if he'll ever notice me..!" Little hearts flying around her head, starry eyes... etc.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, books fall out of lockers, as a man appears down the hall... a big man... with dirty, shaggy hair, sharp teeth with drool hanging from his lower lip, clothes that seem to be made from several potato sacks quickly sewn together, and then torn to make them even shabbier... and a dog collar around his neck with a broken chain. He carries books under one arm and walks by our cute heroine, breathing heavily. In a deep, deep voice, he speaks.

"HI MISSY I BRING U FLOWER HAW" and hands our heroine a dainty flower... and our Heroine swoons. Why does she swoon? Because I couldn't draw the high school quarterback.

THE END! With one minute to spare!

Karaoke, Baby!

2007-10-30 02:47:38 by Chrisseh-chan

Yeah, I went to this awesome bar Halloween party on Saturday night. I ended up dressing like a classic schoolgirl. (People kept saying I reminded them of that chick from Saturday Night Live lmao...) and OMFG... they had karaoke! So of course, I couldn't resist making a fool of myself. First song I did kicked ass, second... not so good. But then these older drunk guys (Like... my dad's age) kept dragging me up to do songs I don't really know with them. I mean, after the first part of the song, I'd recognize it, and there was a screen with lyrics. Those guys were so drunk, they were just like "BLaaaaah" But yeah, I didn't have much time to get drunk, since they kept dragging me up every time I went to get my drink. There was a cute young guy there, too. <3 I did karaoke with him, too, except he didn't know the words to "I Love Rock and Roll". I did karaoke with just about everybody there... my throat was so hoarse the next day. Point is, it was a blast. I should dress as a schoolgirl more often. <3

And in case you're curious, my dad was bartending... he was dressed as a caveman. Hella funny!


2007-10-26 03:34:44 by Chrisseh-chan

It's driving me insane. All day, I've been getting whiff of this smell.. it's like... a sour smelling cross between dog poop on the bottom of somebody's shoe, rotting food, and vomit. Nobody else can smell it... and sometimes even I can't. But then I get whiff of it... and I can't find the smell. I even sniffed myself out to see if it was coming from me, but it's not... it's driving me insane!!!

Something is rotting... maybe in the fridge, maybe in the garbage... maybe on the counter. Maybe I'll just wait for a cloud of fruit flies to appear... then I'll find the source... nuke it with Lysol (Takes care of the fruit flies, too... if you blast it on them. They are crushed by the amazing pine-scented pressure and it's incredible bacteria destroying formula!) and throw it away. Now...what song should I listen to before bed? Something by... Nirvana. Oh yeah... =3

Cigarette Butt Hunt!

2007-10-18 12:13:26 by Chrisseh-chan

Phew... I am... totally broke right now. Used up pretty much every quarter and dime I had.. down to nickels and pennies. I wish magic would rain down upon me so I could change the stupid nickels into quarters. o_O

Anywho, it's raining like crazy outside... might thunderstorm a bit too, who knows. Halloween is coming up fast, I need to get my costume put together. I had decided upon a flapper girl, but then decided it might be easier to be a classic movie star, like... with the wavy hair and sexy dress. That's totally what I'm doing. FOSHO.

Point is... I need a quick, easy way to make like... a little spending money by Halloween so I can go out drinking without relying on my mom, who will limit my liquor intake while she's holding the wallet. A quick, LEGAL way... or at least semi-legal. Don't get any nasty ideas... but brainstorm with me... I could sell some old video games... NO! Not my SNES games! Even that crappy racing game that goes really slow... I can't sell that. Because when you hit the little polygon cows, they go "Mooo" and that's the only reason I kept that game. o_O Yeah, MarioKart pwnz that game... but I'm not selling either of them... so don't ask. XD ~greedy~

Why why why!?

2007-10-01 14:22:08 by Chrisseh-chan

Well now... I've got my freakin' huge monitor set up (works nicely with my laptop) and hopefully I'll be getting my computer within the next hour...

Why does my head look so fat? It doesn't look that fat in the mirror... I starve my freaking self, I'm boarderline annorexic... do I really look that way, or does the camera have a way of stretching images and putting on 20lbs magically? I can almost count my ribs for goodness sake... MORE CRASH DIETING! >=O!!! Don't give me any "Dangers of crash dieting" lectures, I've heard them all before... don't care.

I have no reguard for my health, ... I've been sickly for the majority of the past 2 years, and no doctor can help me anyway since I don't have insurance... they couldn't even help me when I DID have insurance. Bill collectors still hound me for emergency room visits from 2005, I'm going to be sued soon. At least I got financial aid for the last trip to the ol' ER I made last February.

I sat in the waiting room for like... two hours. Two hours... I had shot myself up with my epi-pen before I left, my throat was still a little tight, I was covered in hives, my lips were the size of polish sausages... I could've keeled over and died right there, watching Martha Stewart... luckily, I didn't. What kind of hospital puts Martha on in the ER waiting room anyway? Are they TRYING to kill people?

She bangs! She bangs!

2007-09-27 16:44:05 by Chrisseh-chan

Yeah, so like, you know how my character has bangs? And... IRL my bangs were really long, kinda in my face all the time, not really bangs at all, just... hair. Well, I went to get a trim (I kept the length, just had about an inch taken off to take care of split ends) and I thought "Oh what the heck..." and got bangs. They're pretty sweet, but because of the way I used to wear my hair, they need training- They stick out all over the place! So, today, I had to learn how to use a curling iron... like... a.... real girl -shudders-.

Yeah, those of you who know me... I'm "girly" but not too girly, I always kinda do my own thing and never fuss too much about make-up and styling my hair. I normally spend a total of 30 seconds on my hair- brushing and putting it up in a ponytail or braid. That's it. I spent about 5 minutes trying to get the hang of my damn curling iron, which has been sitting around gathering dust for quite a while because it scares the living daylights out of me... putting a hot piece of metal that close to my head! I mean, there were a few crappy salons I've left with a huge red burn mark across my forehead to make me avoid curling irons like the plague.

Anywho, yeah, enough of this girly stuff. I'm working on a (hopefully) kick-ass little thingy for The Freaking Huge House Adventure. Nothing epic...just a little something different. As for right this second, I'm cooking dinner.... I should probably go stir it. Beef Stroganoff... mmm...

Farewell to summer...

2007-09-16 11:58:07 by Chrisseh-chan

Though technically Summer isn't over for a few more days... yeah... whatever. It's saying it's farewell to the Northwoods right now. It's supposed to warm up a bit this week... but last week old Jack Frost started to rear his ugly head. It was pretty much in the 40's and 50's all week, which if it were the dead of winter here (it gets well below -0 F) and it were 40 or 50, we'd say "It's so warm!" but no, it's not the dead of winter. It's the end of summer, it's been in the 80's pretty much all summer, give or take a few degrees, and if you're used to high temperatures of 86 F daily... a high temperature of 40 F feels pretty darn chilly. I hate it. I swear, I saw flurries the other day...


I hate snow. We don't have much of a fall here. In the normal part of the country where I grew up, we had fall... as a matter of fact, it was a nice, normal, enjoyable fall. Crisp, cool air with the ocassional warm day... you didn't have to wear snow boots and a down jacket to go trick-or-treating, a sweater or turtleneck would suffice usually... but here, It goes from summer to about a week of fall when the leaves change and everything dies, and then boom... snow and cold. I'm telling you, what I wouldn't give for a nice winter home down in the tropics right now...

Anywho, dear Summer, greatest season of the year, we bid you farewell... farewell to swimming at the beach, farewell to dragonflies soaring across the lawn, farewell to barbeques and bugzappers. Goodbye sun tanning. Hello tanning bed.


2007-09-08 20:25:05 by Chrisseh-chan

So like, me and my mom are just sitting here watching "VH1's top 100 one-hit wonders" or something... I'm bored. I wanted to go across the street to use my laptop but alas, the sign says "Happy Birthday" to somebody and it's probably crowded with a bunch of geriatrics and quite frankly I only like to go when it's not crowded so I can take my own little table in the corner.

Anywho, I bought this computer from a woman a few months ago... I want to get it, but she wants to "get some of the stuff off it first" and well, I'm waiting... I keep calling and asking "What's a good day? Can I come tomorrow?" no excuses excuses... and I haven't made it over there since everybody's too effin' busy to take me. So Monday, I'm getting it... no more waiting. Chrisseh has practiced patience, but Chrisseh's patience runs thin! I demand coorperation!

What else is there to talk about? Uh... nothing. That's all I have to say. I want my computer... and I also want a bowl of cheesy broccoli soup. But alas, I have no broccoli. So I'm stuck with pizza again... -sigh- 3 days of frozen pizza makes Chrisseh a dull girl. Wait... never mind, I found some broccoli. =D