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So I bought another tablet, it was on sale uber cheap. Not as good as my old tablet, but not bad... does it's job. My only gripe is it lacks the eraser end on the pen. XD It's still a Wacom though so it works well anyway.

I don't really want to invest in a FANTASTIC tablet until I invest in a better computer anyway. Seems like it'd be a waste to buy something that wouldn't be able to perform 100% on my dinosaur.

So, what's everybody doing for Halloween this year~? I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show last night with some friends. They had props and stuff to throw around during certain parts of the movie, it was fun! Also, I'm a Sexy Raccoon this year. Anybody else dressing up? :D


2011-10-14 20:19:54 by Chrisseh-chan

My tablet stopped working... my beloved, faithful ol' Graphire4 I got back in the original TFHHA.. Trying to save up some extra cash to buy a new one... now my laptop is acting up, might need to replace that soon, too. :<

No rush though I guess... not like I have a ton of time or the ambition to draw much these days anyhow. Overloaded at work... Some of the salespeople are freaking out because I've fallen so behind.

My company still hasn't given me the raise I was promised. Boss was in town this week. As usual, he avoided me at all costs, at the risk of me asking for a raise again. XD

On top of that, my driving test is on Monday at 2:10PM. Needless to say, I don't have much faith in myself.

Oh well. ^_^ Try to stay positive... drink lots of caffeine and smile like an idiot, that's my philosophy.


2011-09-29 19:07:55 by Chrisseh-chan

Well, it's been a while... yet again. XD Finally got a job, bought a car, blah blah blah.

Also bought $80 worth of art supplies, too bad I hardly have time to use them.

Anyway, just here to prove that I'm still alive and well. Enjoying the pretty fall colors here in the northwoods... of course, with the way the wind is blowing today, I wouldn't be surprised if I wake up tomorrow morning and the branches are bare. D:

Just a quicky

2011-02-12 01:44:13 by Chrisseh-chan

My birthday is tomorrow (technically)! Just got home a little while ago, dinner and a movie with a friend. Fun stuff.

So any how, I'm happy with where The Freakin' Huge House Adventure 2 is going so far. I just wish there was more participation, but I suppose it's not a bad thing to take it slow... Less confusing that way, huh?

For now, I leave you with a tiny maid to clean up your Internets. <3

She can reach into the nooks and crannies a normal sized maid can easily miss, AND she works for cheese!

Just a quicky

Been a while

2011-02-08 16:45:27 by Chrisseh-chan

Interesting, I made my account here in 2004, when I was just 18 years old and fresh out of high school. This coming Sunday, I'll be 25. Think it's time to grow up yet? 8D

Well uh... I have been drawing again, but today, lo and behold, creative block is beginning to rear it's ugly head again. :< I gotta fight it! Maybe I should go back to sewing for a while...

Oh! Did you know I also sew and make plushies sometimes? =D Made these two back in Spring/Summer of last year (2010)

Been a while

Raspberry Hat returns!

2009-11-19 00:49:48 by Chrisseh-chan

Wow, I'm really tired... I started working on another Raspberry Hat picture I had doodled in one of my sketchpads not long ago. I had to finish half the sketch in Photoshop (Ran out of room on the paper lol) and then I inked it in SAI...and then I colored it in Photoshop. I think it worked out pretty well.

Not much new going on, I feel both... frustrated/blocked and inspired. All I've been doing lately is finishing old pictures from years/months ago. I guess that's a good start, finishing the unfinished... something I rarely do. xD

Raspberry Hat returns!


2009-11-17 14:12:16 by Chrisseh-chan

I'm experimenting with some new software... well, not really "new", but new to me as in I've never used it. It's called SAI, and I am VERY impressed with the inking features. The coloring has potential, but it's a bit cumbersome and I think I might try using it along with Photoshop for coloring/backgrounds, as inking takes half the time in SAI and is much easier and I can color much faster in Photoshop.

Been busy lately, hanging out with friends...including some new ones -blush- Butterflies in my tummy, lolol KILL THEM! Dx

(My first work in SAI is included, from an old sketch I found in a notebook)


Movin' on up!

2009-09-30 18:39:11 by Chrisseh-chan

So yeah, GeoCities is shutting down (Thanks to the greedy jerks at Yahoo! Inc. half the Internets will be deleted!) SO I have already found a new home for all things Chrisseh related!


Not much to it yet, just a blog with a few articles and links to all my profiles... I have a few posts up, only one of them are worth mentioning, and that is the one I put up yesterday. I have another one called "Save GeoCiteis!", but everyone has given up on that cause before it even started... which is why it is a failure, sadly enough. Yes, sit back and let greed win again, America. 8D Don't I feel stupid for trying to fight for something I believe in.

SO. Enough of my ranting. Check out my new site, leave comments, vote on the poll, let me know what you think! =D

I'm thinking of starting a new story, or maybe TFHHA 2. Unsure yet. We'll see how I'm feeling later.

Former TFHHA members are encouraged to post their own favorite drawings on dA as "Best of TFHHA- (title)" I have been uploading my favorites up... Check it out!

Other news...? Not much. Putting in more job applications. Wish me luck, I'm turning one in tomorrow. Already put two in last week, haven't heard anything yet... D: I need money so I can make my Halloween costume! (Though I'm probably not going as Sailor Jupiter, because I hate showing my legs above the knee *sob*)'s a random unfinished sketch! Have a nice day!

Movin' on up!

I've been feeling a bit better... I still don't have a job (Note to self: Finish those damn job apps and turn them in later) but... I CLEANED MY ROOM! It's a little cluttered now but OMG IT'S CLEAN. Only because 90% of my clothes are in the basement... taking up room down there. I need to clean my dresser and my closet out next, but hell.

I got our old entertainment center in the room... the one my parents had in the living room when I was a kid. It's got glass doors, a section to store albums (I store tall books since I have all my record albums elsewhere. Plus, they're all Sesame Street and Disney records so I don't really listen to them much anymore, needless to say.) a space for a HUGE 19" TV! Oddly enough, it's also the same TV we had in the living room when I was a kid, in the very same entertainment center. It still works, so whatever. Got my DVD player set up, my Super Nintendo and all the games, plus my DVD's and VHS tapes stored underneath

I just need a VCR, since the one I bought back in 98 blew up in 2002. (I rented a cursedRainbow Brite video for old times sake and my VCR never worked again after that.) I have a lot of anime VHS tapes. I'm still pissed I spent $20-$30 a pop for these videos, and mind you I don't even RECALL seeing much anime on DVD at the time, if any (Also, didn't have a DVD player) and that they would become completely obsolete and thrown in a bargain bin for $5 a pop by the time I turned 18.

OH BOY. I'm ranting. Sorry, back on track now....

So I cleaned my room. Got rid of my desk, was taking up room. Was forced to part with about 5 pairs of shoes. It was disgusting... I hauled out 3 or 4 bags of garbage. I'm talking pop cans, food wrappers, etc etc. I'm talking 3 years worth of trash. My room was a disgusting place. I can't believe I got it all done in 2 1/2 days. I was absolutely amazed.

I treated myself last night. I had just $13 in my wallet. I bought a set of drawing pens, actually meant for doing comics/manga. For some reason, Shopko carries these but Walmart doesn't. That's because Walmart sucks. :D Are they cheaper? Yes, but Shopko has cooler stuff. I bought them because while cleaning the garage, my brother found a bag full of my old pens, pencils, and markers. I decided to grab some paper and attempt to draw on paper, like I used... for old times sake, and discovered that it makes me feel very calm. I also noted that the pens I've always used were just gel-ink pens that tend to bleed on the paper... yet I always used them because I either couldn't find anything else or I couldn't afford it. When I noticed this pen set... I knew it was a sign. I didn't buy them at the Shopko where I originally saw them on Saturday, and it bothered me because I had EXACTLY the right amount of money to buy them... so I went to my Shopko last night and bought them.

I gave em a whirl last night. I'm still getting used to it, trying to build my technique... but so far I'm loving the different pen widths and maybe, JUST MAYBE... I'll have some new material to show off soon!


2009-06-08 00:21:05 by Chrisseh-chan

I want a job. I really want a job. Yet, the place I was almost sure to get a job at hasn't called me back yet. So, tomorrow I will go there and drop to my knees and beg for a job. I'm that frickin' desperate.

Also, I need to get 5 illustrations done tonight... ALSO some guy I know stopped by earlier with some wood pieces. He wants me to do some wood burning for him... in two days. LOL I'VE NEVER WOOD BURNED BEFORE. Also, my aunt is nagging for me to get her bankruptcy stuff done. Some kind of crap I need to fill out online and print out. I've got a whole file full of papers I need to sort through. She's paying me. HEY $50 AIN'T NOTHING TO SNEEZE AT.

No. Seriously, I'm really burned out and feeling really depressed. Nobody ask me to draw ANYTHING. I won't do it. I'm about ready to quit drawing altogether. It's that bad. :[

I just want a nice, brainless job where nobody is going to take advantage of my hobbies (making me hate the things I love doing) so I can go home after work and ENJOY what I love doing in my own time.